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Robotics Process Automation: a hype or a proven technology?

Mathias Fransen & Arnout De Vis // RoboRana

Tired of repetitive and manual tasks in your organization? Need more hands to process high volume transactions across various applications? Ever heard of a virtual workforce that can take over these repetitive actions? In this inspiring session, we will introduce the Robotics Process Automation (or RPA) technology with its facts & myths and prove that the technology is mature and irreplaceable for the digitalization of the workforce. We will also prove the power of intelligent automation by combining RPA with AI technology like chatbots and intelligent OCR.



A gentle introduction to quantum computing

Deevid De Meyer // Craftworkz - Brainjar

Quantum computers are coming, that much everybody can agree on. But nobody seems to really know what they are going to do, and when we might expect them. Many have already read how quantum computing is going to break the (encryption of) the internet, but turns out that quantum computers have many other applications that will change the world. In this gentle introduction to quantum computing we will start with an overview of these possible applications to get a feel why we want quantum computing before moving on to how it works. We will try to build up an intuitive understanding of quantum computing from the basic principles of quantum mechanics, but as the famous physicist Richard Feynmann once put it: “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics”. Challenge accepted!

Date & time

donderdag 28 maart 2019
van 8:00 tot 12:30


Hangar K
Nelson Mandelaplein 2
8500 Kortrijk